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Vegan Pancake Experiment

Okay, the kitchen is a mess, and I am on complete sugar rush from trying multiple pancakes, but we have a winner for the best vegan pancakes. I have to admit, that I was not hopeful when I began, as I couldn't see how the pancakes could be good without the eggs to bind them, but I got a serious surprise. They tasted great without the eggs. I really couldn't tell a difference. I tried at least 6 recipes and most were a disaster, as they had instructions like 2 Tbsp of baking powder rather than 2 tsp (it blew up like a volcano!) and those sorts of things and they just didn't work properly. I came up with two recipes, a basic one and then a slightly more cakey one and I will leave it to you to decide which one you feel is best. Although I must say the basic one seemed fine to me. Ingredients Basic Vegan Pancakes 1 cup of AP Flour 2 tsp of Baking Powder 1/4 tsp Salt 1 cup Soy Milk  1 Tbsp Maple Syrup 2 Tbsp Vegetable Oil A Little Extra Something Vegan Pa

Vegan Cooking- Are you kidding, I could never!

Yes you can and it's not hard to do. I thought a listing of the vegan recipes that are already in the blog might be of help to those of you who are interested in giving it a shot. Over the next few weeks, I will be working to change over some of my favorite recipes. If they just don't taste right, trust me, I will be honest and say so. The most interesting thing I have found over the last weeks, is how many dishes I had which were already vegan or just needed a slight modification to become so. It really is easy to do, so start cooking. August 2012 Salsa de Chili de Arbol - Vegan Salsa Roja - Vegan July 2012 Cole Slaw with Pineapple and Toasted Sesame Oil - Just substitute the mayonnaise for vegan mayo and you are good to go. Sweet Potato Salad- Just substitute the mayonnaise for vegan mayo and you are good to go.   June 2012 Roasted Corn, Black Bean and Mango Salad - Vegan   May 2012 Vegetarian Chili- It is indeed vegan as well. April 2012 Eggpl

Piedmont Roasted Peppers

As I promised, I am reworking some of my own recipes and a few stand out recipes from fellow bloggers to try and introduce options into my vegan diet. I am now into my third week and doing really well and feeling great. Here is a vegan version of a dish from one of my fellow bloggers. I agree with her that these are just perfect and great with a nice crusty bread. Ingredients 4 large Red Peppers 4 medium Tomatoes 3 Tbsp Shitake or Porcini Mushrooms, chopped 3- 4 large cloves Garlic 10 tsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil 1 bunch of fresh Basil Freshly ground Black Pepper Sea Salt Loaf of crusty Bread, Como or Focaccia Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F Begin by cutting the peppers in half lengthways, removing the seeds but leaving the stalks intact. (They're not edible but they do look attractive and they help the pepper halves to keep their shape) Lay the pepper halves in a lightly oiled roasting tray. Now put the tomatoes in a bowl and pour b