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Thai Soup Stock and Soup Noodle- Street Food at Home

Whenever I go to Thailand, this is one of my favorite dishes. Soup noodle is wonderful, full of flavor and heathy. This is an easy stock to make and remember the longer it cooks the better it will be.

As you are using pork bones, it is important to first cover them in water, bring to a boil and then cook for 10-15 minutes and then drain the water and rinse thoroughly. Then add additional water and all of the ingredients and bring back to a boil and cook for 4-6 hours on a low simmer. Note: you can also use beef bones.

Once the stock is finished, then drain off all of the cooked ingredients, and you will be left with the finished stock. Then choose your noodles, garnishes, and put into a bowl and pour the hot broth over them and finish with fish sauce, lime, chili and or Sriracha sauce.


16oz Pork bones, with a little meat on the bone, boiled and rinsed 
1 medium daikon (mooli), sliced
1 bunch Coriander roots
4 cloves Garlic, mashed
1 inch piece fresh Ginger, sliced
1 bunch Spring On…

Cook's Illustrated- America's Test Kitchen

Hello, and sorry for not being around for a bit, but duty calls. I wanted to share with you one of my favorite publications. I really feel that Cook's Illustrated is a fine publication and best of all, they are unique.

The basic premise is that they find recipes or create recipes and test them until they are perfect. Wondering why those chocolate chip cookies weren't quite like Mom's, well they likely have the answer. They publish once every two months, so 6 issues per year and they also offer brilliant year end special and reference publications as well. They can be reached on their website which is

Here is what they say about their publication and I agree 100%.

Why Cook's Illustrated is different than other cooking magazines

Cook's Illustrated is dedicated to finding the best methods for preparing foolproof home-cooked meals. Unlike some glossy cooking magazines, our magazine is staffed with cooks and editors not food stylists. Our 2,500 squa…