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Champagne- A primer

I've always wondered why people drink champagne so infrequently, when in fact you can find a very good bottle for a reasonable price, as long as you are willing to focus on some of the smaller growers. I think that people assume that champagne is expensive and it can be, but often it is no more than a basic bottle of Pinot Noir or Chardonnay, so why not enjoy? I find that champagne can go well with most any meal, as long as it isn’t to highly spiced, and even that could work if you tried a demi-sec. Here is a little crash course on champagne. Champagne is rated by how much dosage or sugar is added for the final fermentation. It is this second fermentation which creates the bubbles. Extra Brut/Zero Dosage:   0-6g/liter residual sugar Brut:   5-15 g/liter residual sugar. This is the most common champagne you are likely to encounter. Extra Dry /Extra Sec:  12-20g/liter residual sugar Sec /Dry:  17-35 g/liter residual sugar. Demi-Sec:  35-50g/liter residual suga